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Guidance director
  • handles all the responsibilities in guiding his personnel.
  • improves guidance and counseling program, meets students and parents of their concerns, attends different conferences, and prepares yearly budget plan.
  • he can take the responsibility of being a teacher, coach, dorm parent, advisor, committee member, and administrator.

Guidance counselor
  • Assists people with regards to their personal, family, educational, and mental health problems.
  • He can also help students with difficulties in their career decisions like choosing the appropriate course in college.
  • His overall function is to listen to such problems as well as to talk to students.

The services offered by a school counseling programs to help students are:
  • Group counseling(work in a smaaall group)
  • Individual counseling (personal and educational concerns)
  • Group guidance (learning information about self)
  • Student appraisal (information about their abilities, behaviors, and achievement)
  • Referral (assistance to other programs and services)
  • Consultation (appropriate services to every student), and
  • Appraisal.

The three important information that students should bring to counseling sessions are their:
  1. Problem
  2. Feelings about the problem
  3. Expectations of what they want the counselors to do.

The five categories of most problems are:
  1. Conflict with self
  2. Conflict with others
  3. Lack of information about self
  4. Lack of information about the environment
  5. Lack of skill.

  • Is someone who develops a test.
  • Is in charge of testing services in the Philippines.
  • One who conducts testing services.

Functions of Psychometrician
  • Identifies and select tests
  • Setting test schedules
  • Administers, corrects, and interpret test results
  • Make summaries of test results
  • Prepares and keeps test results and testing materials.

  • The one who designs, formulates, and conducts research projects.
  • One who collect, manage, and analyze information.

Functions of Researcher
  1. Defining and refining research objectives
  2. Design questionnaires
  3. Apply variety of research techniques in gathering information
  4. Developing and testing theories
  5. Preparing and reporting findings and disseminating results.

Guidance Secretary
  • Is the one who make appointments and put files in order.
  • Answer phone calls, write letters, and make travel plans.
  • The one responsible for information that leaves the office.

Auxiliary Personnel

  • Study the human mind and behavior.
Clinical Psychologist
  • Often work in hhhealth and social care settngs, as part of a multidisciplinary team, and aims to reduce psychological distress.
  • Work with people who experience mental or physical health problems such as:
    1. Anxiety and depression
    2. Mental and physical illness
    3. Neurological disorders
    4. addictive behaviors
    5. Eating and behavior disorders
    6. Relationship problems
    7. Learning disabilities
Counseling Psychologist
  • Assess and evaluate one's problems through the use of case history, interview, and observation and provide individual or group counseling services.
Duties of Counseling Services
  1. Select, administer, and interpret psychological test
  2. Consult professionals to discuss therapies and treatments
  3. Refer clients to specialists for non-counseling treatment of problems
  4. Analyze data such as interview notes, test results and reference manuals
  5. Collect information and counsel individuals, groups or families to understand their problems

School Psychologist
  • Provide a broad range of skills to address student needs in a variety of areas.
  • Work with students, parents, and teachers to promote academic, emotional, and behavioral success.
  • Experts and have a big role in the eligibility process for special education.
Developmental Psychologist
  • Explore the influence of the environment and genes, often referred to as "nature vs. nurture"
  • Studying the process of human development at one or more developmental stages

Focus of a developmental psychologist on theoretical studies and research areas:
  1. Adolescent and adult development
  2. Developmental disabilities
  3. Language-skill acquisition
  4. Problem solving patterns.
They are the care givers when it comes to mental health. They use psychotherapy, psychoanalysis, hospitalization, and medication to treat mental illness. a psychiatrist helps the individual to find solution to their problems through the change in their behaviors using their past experiences or therapy session.
Social Worker
A social worker works with people who are in need, they give services and they provide support to unfortunate people. They can work with different kinds of people and their families where in they can act as their friend, guidance and advocates.

Counseling Service
Helps the individual to understand herself and develops a dyadic or small group relationship. They help the individual to become sociable. The counseling service is considered to be the “heart and soul” of guidance program because it helps the individual to make best decision for herself based from understanding of her own knowledge. This counseling service also offers different services like: Individual Counseling, Group Counseling, Family Counseling, and Counseling Special Cases. Different approaches, skills and techniques are use by the counselor because there are different people and situations that is being brought in the office.

Testing/Assessment Services
Use to collect and analyzed the information from the students or individuals. It helps the individual to know herself better. The information is being interpreted by the counselor and then shares the result of the analyzed information to the students, parents, and to the teachers. It also determines who the student who needs more attention and assistance are. There are different kinds of test that this service offers to the students like: Admission Test, Intelligence Test, Group Intelligence Test, Aptitude Test, Personality Test, Projective Test and Special Test.
Information Service
This service is designed to give accurate and current information to the students through this information students will e provided of the important information that they should know, especially when it comes to educational program and occupation. They will be provided of the information about their environment and upcoming activities and opportunities.
Students Inventory Record
     This service records and utilizes information from the students. It helps the counselor to know who among the students needs more attention and assistance, their progress in school, their likes and dislikes, and also their strength and weaknesses. So if a problem may occur, the counselor will know what appropriate theory or techniques he will employ.
This service helps the individuals to discover their hidden talents, skills, and abilities. It also develops students’ emotional intelligence and provide the students with information about current and important issues through seminars, forums and trainings.
Placement and Career Services
     In this service, the guidance and counseling program helps the individual to develop herself in school and to find appropriate job that is suited to his skills and abilities. it also helps the students to choose a course that is suited with his interest and skills.
Research Service
    This service improves the existing theories and practice in counseling. Researchers find solutions to the existing problems, they also look for an alternative designs to the practices and strategies that is existing.
Career and Life Planning
    It helps the individual to develop his skills, self-exploration, values, clarification, career planning, and decision making. It helps the individual to plan his future well.
Freshmen Enhancement Program
    It focused on the freshmen students and college life of the students. They help the freshmen students to adjust in the college life. They develop self-awareness and skills.

    This is a process wherein the counselor will refer the patient to the other person who is more knowledgeable on the situation that the patient undergo, and that its beyond his scope.
    This is very important in the guidance program because this may help in collaborative activities between the different organizations in the community.
Extension Services
    Guidance and counseling staff guides the other personnel in conducting different services to help other people. They offer seminars and other activities wherein people may benefit from.

Peer Facilitation
   These facilitators help the other staff of the group in conducting research and extension serves.

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